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B.C. - Episode 4 - Malachi

December 18th, 2016 Mornig Service

     - Malachi

*Home Interactive Log*

1.What excuses or reasons have you made to not serve the Lord this year?

(Tiresome, burdened, burnt out, Disillusioned with others, Doesn’t seem worth it)

Has God at any time made excuses or reasons why not to lovingly serve or forgive you? What would happen if he did?

2. Are there sins in your life that you are not genuinely repented of?

3. Is there a genuine joy for the coming of your savior? Do you deliberately take time to sing praises to him and thank Him in prayer that is not ritualistic in nature? Are you daily spending time with the Lord? 

4. In what ways are you minimizing your sin? What lie(s) is your inner lawyer telling you? 

5. You are blind to your sin and often blind to the notion that you are blind to your sin, who do you have to help you see your sin daily?

  Memorize Hebrews 3:13

In what way do you call alongside others parakaléō others to help and encourage them and you?

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