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B.C. - Episode 3 - Micah

December 11th, 2016 Morning Service

     - Micah

*Home Interactive Log*

1.Answering some of these questions may help you to understand your heart. What keeps you going? What makes your life worthwhile? What dreams have tended to capture your heart? Right now, how are you making sense of your life? What are you convinced you cannot live without? Where do you seek to find identity? Why do you call one day good and another bad? What, in life, do you crave most? Be honest—Why do you really do the things you do? As you make choices and decisions, what are you hoping to get out of them?   May God expose our hearts, so that in really seeing ourselves, we may hunger all the more deeply for Him!
2.How can these previous acts of power and love in Christ give you hope for your present struggles?
3.How have you been tempted recently to see yourself as a good person?
4.Why is this inaccurate view of yourself spiritually dangerous? Be specific.
5.Where have you given evidence this week that your heart is still corrupt?

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