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B.C. - Episode 2 - Hosea

December 4th, 2016 Morning Service

     - Hosea

*Home Interactive Log*

1.Sometimes frustrations are unavoidable. But sometimes it is because there is a way in which we cause those frustrations or make them greater because we are fighting God, His will and His way. Where do you find yourself frustrated? Is it an issue of someone being sinful? Are you resisting what God is trying to do in you or through you? 

2. Are you trying to build your own alter in your own little kingdom?  This is the Burger King style Christianity. Have it your way. God asks us to live for something so much greater than our little kingdoms and our ways or our methods of praise! In what ways are you wanting life your way and attempting to assuage the purpose God has you here for?

3. Make a point to rejoice in God’s grace daily. Write out each day the ways your salvation has benefited you today.  Sing gospel-centered praises for what He has done that remind you of who you were and who you are in Christ!

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