Meeting the needs of 1st to 6th grade boys and girls.

A typical King’s Kids evening format is balanced between Bible memory time, preaching time, and a game time.

There is a variety of fun at every meeting. Every night there is a different theme (crazy hair, pirates, silly hats, etc). Snacks and drinks are provided. This takes place on Sunday nights at 5:30pm until 6:30 or 7:00pm during the Adult Sunday night service. 


King's Kids is designed for churches who desire a dynamic outreach for boys and girls in first through sixth grades. The emphasis in the curriculum is placed upon Bible memory within the context of Doctrine and character building.

The curriculum is self-paced and consists of six books and three electives (Music, Missions, and Creation Science).  Each level of accomplishment is tied to an award system which serves to keep kids motivated to continue memorizing.  The amount of curriculum provided is enough to keep kids busy for six years.

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