Doctrine of Creation

God is the creator of everything in the cosmos (Gen 1:1). The creation of the cosmos included heavenly beings called angels. He achieved this by his spoken word in six literal successive twenty-four-hour days (Exod 20:11).  The creation account is a literal narrative of the events and is not to be interpreted figuratively.  God created Adam and Eve in His image and in His likeness (Gen 1:26).  God gave a mandate to multiply through childbirth and subdue the earth.

God breathed life into man who was made of the dust of the ground (Gen 1:26, 2:7; Jas 3:9).  Man was created innocent with the ability to make moral choices. He was created to glorify God through fellowship with God and by following His divine desire and purpose (Isa 43:7; Col 1:16; Rev 4:11). 


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